Our Picture Album:

Pictures around the house (December 2005)
Thanksgiving Florida Trip (November 2005)
Pumpkin carving party (October 30, 2005)
Housewarming party (October 29, 2005)
Pictures of our new car (September 2005)
Brief virtual tour of our new house (Summer-Fall 2005)
Stan's lab picnic (August 2005)
Melanie's visit (August 2005)
Bay Path College pictures (June 2005)
Southbridge, MA pictures (June 2005) Pictures of our niece - Sasha Yolshina (July 2005)
Pictures around the house (Summer 2005) Pictures of our sisters (Summer 2005)
Weekend in Boston (June 2005)
Pictures around New Haven, etc. (May-June 2005)
Pictures of our new house (May 2005)
Georgia Trip (April 2005)
Trip to Cornell University (April 2005) Russia pictures:
Trip to the University of Connecticut (April 2005) Pictures from our Christmas 2004 vacation in Russia (December 2004-January 2005)
Around New Haven (March-April 2005) Pictures from Ira's latest trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, November 2003
Winter Pictures around New Haven and Stan's Birthday (January 2005) Moscow Pictures
Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich), (December 2004-January2005) More of the Moscow pictures...
Trinity E-Free Church's Annual Christmas Concerts "Hope of Christmas" (December 2004) Saint Petersburg Pictures
New England Fall Colors, October 2004 More of Saint-Petersburg pictures
Bay Path College, Southbridge, MA, June-October 2004 Vladimir and Suzdal Pictures (Russia's Golden Ring cities), May 2002
Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts, September 2004 Rostov the Great Pictures (Russia's Golden Ring city), November 2002
New York City and a Broadway Show, September 2004
Bear Mountain Hiking Trip, Connecticut, July 2004
New Haven: Independence Day, July 2004
Pictures of some of our friends
Our Summer Vacation 2004 (May-June 2004)
Easter Pictures, April 2004
Our trip to Canada, March 2004
Our Christmas trip across the USA with Ira's Parents - Sergey and Tatiana Yolshiny, December 2003-January 2004
New Haven fall foliage colors (September-November 2003)
Summer USA 2003 pictures (Connecticut, California, Niagara Falls for the first time)
Some of our Wedding Pictures, May 12, 2000
Pictures from our Europe trip: July 2002
Tallinn (Estonia) pictures, March 2002
Italy Pictures, February 2003
Germany OFW Congress pictures (Ira), April 2003
Second Egypt trip pictures, July 2002
First Egypt trip pictures, January 2002

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